What I Am Doing Now

See what I am up to now and what I am working on at the moment. The content of my Now Page changes frequently – thanks for dropping by.

What I Am Doing Now

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor. No content is meant to be a recommendation. Please do your own research. Pages might contain affiliate links. Please read my Disclaimer page.

Things I Am Working On Now

1/ Still living in Sinapore, kids are now 9 and 7. Still loving it.

2/ Helping my son to be able to hit a tennis ball 75x times over the net.

3/ Being able to do 10x Navy Seal type pullups (currently can do 5x).

4/ Get a proper will/testament done. 

5/ Find ways how to invest 64k USD from dividend.

6/ Grow Dividend Portfolio to 750k USD (now 500k USD).

7/ Create a ‘What I Am Doing Now’ Page ✅

8/ Getting company structure in place for my new real estate project.


Inspired by Derek Sivers and his Now Page Movement, last update: Jul 4, 2022.

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