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Check Out My Thematic Portfolios, Each With Exposures To Specific Investment Themes. Each Folio Has A Different Investment Time Horizon And Tactical Allocation.

Thematic Portfolio - 5 Megatends And My Allocation

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Thematic Portfolio Overview

I have to confess: I am a terrible market timer!  I learned rather quickly that day, swing or momentum trading is not my piece of cake.  When staring at charts, I get incredibly quickly inpatient.  What works for me are mid-to-longterm invest horizons, like 6 to 24 months, or even much longer.

In my All-Weather Portfolio, my time horizon is ‘forever’, for the thematic portfolios I am showing on this page my time horizons vary, but typically are around 3-5 years.

You can check out my Digital Asset Portfolio – I bought my first Bitcoin in 2017, and some more in 2019 (my average buying price is around 7,000 USD).

Natural Resource Portfolio

If you are interested in gold and precious metals in general, maybe check out my Top 10 Reason To Invest In Gold article here

Plan Your Trade. Trade Your Plan.


Uranium Portfolio

Check out my full Uranium investment thesis in this article. My article explaining why and how I invest in commodities might also be interesting.

Metaverse Portfolio

The Metaverse Portfolio is my latest and so far smallest thematic portfolio. I believe this investment theme will play out nicely in the many years to come. I am down quite a bit, but I don’t mind that at all, as volatility is to be expected in this space!

  • Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF

  • Wilder World (Wiami just became the actual sister city of Miami, check the video out below)
  • Perion (a Web3.0 gaming community and guild of pro players, governed via a DAO, aiming to attract the economic champions of tomorrow)
  • Sweat Coin – an app that pays you to walk.
  • Stepn – a NFT app allowing you to purchase virtual sneakers that you can then level UP and make actual money with. I am currently making about 45 USDC per day with it.

CRISPR Portfolio

I started building this portfolio in 2019, after reading a lot about CRISPR and having probably watched 25 hours our interviews with industry experts. Decided to allocate 10,000 USD to this portfolio, and aim to not trade it, but keep the stocks for many years.

Decided to go with the three leading companies: Crispr, Editas and Intellia ($NTLA). They had a phenomenal run in 2020 (after the CEOs of two of them won the Nobel Prize), and luckily I took some profit on Intellia, see the trade below. 

Trading Crispr Stock Intellia NTLA

With the 7,000€ of profits, I then bought Fulgent and Bionano. Not directly CRISPR companies, but two of the most exciting genomic testing and sequencing companies. Since then I held on to Fulgent, but sold Bionano with a loss.

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