What Is My Net Worth?

Check out my total net worth consisting of The Various portfolios I manage.

What is my net worth - personal balance sheet

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Overview Of What Is My Net Worth?

(updated: June 30, 2022)

In February 2009, when I was in my early 30s, inspired by Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich, I wrote the following affirmation and hung it in my wardrobe.  

Think and Grow Rich Goal Affirmation

I saw it every single day when putting on clothes.  Although I knew about the law of attraction, to be honest, deep down, I had no clue how I’d ever get to 3 Mio € (3,5 Mio USD).

Why I Chose 3,5 Mio USD As My Desired Net Worth?

I figured if I could get 5% interest on 3,5 Mio USD, that would come down to  175,000 USD, or 14,500 USD per month. That should clearly be enough to feel safe and not have to worry too much. 

Like To Know What Is My Net Worth Now?

For many years the goal seemed too far and too high, as the business I was building didn’t go that well for me. But then things slowly changed (I sold my business, made some good investments, got some sweat equity,..). I sort of ‘overshot my original target’ and am currently well above my original goal.

Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.

Bill Gates

This above quote had a big impact on my life, as it supported me and gave me conviction that I just need to get on hustling and working hard. 

Another quote I love is from Robin Sharma:

‘Daily ripples of excellence over time become a tsunami of success.’


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My Total Net Worth

Update Oct 22, 2022:  The trend is clearly down, but I feel comfortable with the current allocation. I have about 10% in cash, and I believe I am diversified enough.

You will see one item in the above table that says investments in private companies.

The current breakdown is that about 67% of my total net worth is liquid, meaning I could close and liquidate all positions within 24 hours. The non-liquid assets are mainly company investments (see below) and one small rental property I own.

When you get to know me you will see that I’m a a combination of a builder & entrepreneur at heart, and a long-term oriented income investor. 

I love building companies and have done so since a young age. But I also love researching stocks, hunting for good passive income opportunities, with the aim to have more time with my family. I always loved this quote: “There is a season to saw, there is a season to reap. You don’t do both in the same season”.

That’s why the fast-paced company building paired with patient long-term investing in dividend stocks and other forms of passive income really works well for me.

See below for a simple overview of my current investments in private companies: 

Investment in Private Companies

My plan for the remainder of 2022 is to shift and reduce my Digital Asset Portfolio size by approx. 50%, and add this amount to my All Weather Portfolio.

I am passionate about looking for and finding high yield dividend stocks – blue-chip companies that are large with simple business models.


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