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This financial blog, WiseStacker.com, May contain links to third-party websites. Some of those might share a  commission if You choose to buy their products Or Services.

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Disclaimer & Affiliate Disclosure

My name is Noah and I am the 100% owner and editor of WiseStacker.com

WiseStacker.com is an affiliate of various online tools, services, and products.

Links on the WiseStacker.com site may be affiliate links, and I might earn a commission for purchases that you might make.

This comes at no additional cost to you. My goal is simply to provide you with genuine reviews and recommendations.

Some promotional links will be used to track a visitor’s purchase and credit it to WiseStacker.com.


Answer To The Top Disclaimer Questions.

Question #1 – How Is Wisestacker.com Funded?

It’s funded entirely by myself, Noah, the 100% owner of WiseStacker.com. I live in Singapore, and my office address is:

9 Battery Road
Singapore 049910
Tel. +65 6681 6768

Question #2 – Will it Cost Me More Money?

No, there is absolutely no additional cost for you. In contrast, there is often even a discount associated with a referral link. The commission is always paid by the company I refer traffic to, e.g. Amazon, never you as the visitor.

Question #3 – Do You See My Personal Details?

Absolutely not. If you choose to sign up with a company or product through one of my affiliate links, I don’t get to see any personal information i.e name, email, address, credit card, etc. Usually, the only thing I can see is that an anonymous visitor made a purchase on the date/time and which product they bought.

Question #4 – Got Any Other Exciting Legal Pages To Share?

Yes, totally. Check out my Privacy Policy page.

What are Disclaimer Pages actually? 

Read here why Disclaimer Pages are important.

All content you see on WiseStacker.com and other materials is intended for informational and educational purposes only.

The content is not designed to provide professional advice that you might get from a certified financial expert or legal expert.

Reliance on any information on our website is done so at your own risk.

The information is not intended to provide any certain type of financial or business outcome.

If you have any questions regarding this disclaimer, please contact ‘the at wisestacker dot com’.

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