What I Am Doing Now

See what I’m up to now & working on at the moment. 

What I Am Doing Now

Things I Am Working On Now

1/ Still living in Singapore, kids are now 8 and 10. Still loving the city.

2/ Help my son to be able to hit a tennis ball 100x over the net 

3/ Able to do 10x Navy Seal type pull-ups (currently can do 5x) 😅

4/ Get a proper will/testament done. 

5/ Get a 1.5 MW solar system installed on one of the factories I co-own  

6/ Invest 160,000 USD in my All-Weather Portfolio (660k USD invested so far).

7/ Create a ‘What I Am Doing Now’ Page ✅ 

8/ Getting company structure in place for my new real estate project ✅

Inspired by Derek Sivers and his Now Page Movement, last update: Dec 31, 2022.

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