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Check out my ‘real-money’ digital asset portfolio, consisting of the world’s best crypto assets I plan to hold till the end of this decade. 

Digital Asset Portfolio Allocation of WiseStacker

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Overview Of My Digital Asset Portfolio

I bought my first Bitcoin when at 1,500 USD in mid-2017, after watching this  Andreas Antonopolous video on Youtube. 

I was instantly hooked.  And this made me start to read a lot, and the second coin I bought was Ethereum.

In retrospect, it was pure luck that I got in at that time because all prices started to pump hard till the end of 2017. 

Then in February 2018, I invested 200,000 USD in a long-only crypto fund, after Bitcoin came down to 12,000 USD from 20,000 USD. I felt super smart because I did not invest at the top!

A few months later, Bitcoin fell to 3,500 USD, and my great crypto fund managed to be down more than 90%. MAJOR OUCH. That really really sucked. My 200,000 USD became worth 19,000. As it was a closed-end fund with a three-year lockup, I couldn’t sell the fund, hence I decided to jump down the rabbit hole and study the space even more, and really try to learn as much as I could.

I then bought 5 Bitcoin at 4,000 USD, and 10,000 USD worth of ETH (avg. price 198 USD).

Three years later, the fund’s 200,000 USD grew to 1,05 Mio USD, and things surely look better.

See below the full breakdown of my current portfolio.

My Digital Asset Portfolio

The month of May was terrible. Terra Luna went from 60 USD down to, well, 0,001. That is one hundred percent, aka 100%, wiped off. I wrote a detailed post about it that you can read here. Then, Terra Luna 2 launched, and the new Luna token sits now at about 7 USD, check out the latest price here. What a roller coaster month! 

I decided to de-risk a bit and started to use my Cake Defi income from the liquidity pools I am in to cross-populate a new dividend stock, John Deere. Read my investment rationale here

All other coins went do a LOT as well. I lost about 900k USD in “gains”. I am still up by 800k UST as you see in above overview, but last month I was up 1,6 Mio. Ouch.


Generate Passive Income With Your Crypto

I actively use each chain and protocol, be it simply for using its DAPPs, staking, liquidity mining, on-chain governance, or to pay for gas fees.

I recommend you to really “use” and “test” the protocols you are invested in. I learn a lot through that.

At the moment, I do a lot on Solana, Hedera, Defi Chain, Ethereum, and Thorchain.

I also love to earn passive income on the large CeFi platforms like Celsius and Nexo.

They allow me to deposit various coins, and collect a passive income every day (Nexo), or every Monday (Celsius). It could not be easier, and their security at this stage is orders of magnitudes better than your own little Ledger. They use the best custodians, multi-sig, etc., and have cyber security teams with dozens of experts.

Feel free to check them out, below is an affiliate link with which we both get BTC:

Earn interest on your crypto with Nexo – we both get 25 USD (subject to change).

Currently I am generating about 90 USD per day on Cake Defi – how cool is that? Check out my full passive income on my Dividend Calendar page.

For 2022-2024, I’m particularly bullish on Hedera, Solana, and Thorchain. I believe it won’t be long before more people recognize especially the importance of Thorchain, allowing swaps between Layer 1s without the need to bridge, wrap or peg assets! Game changer.

I see Thorchain as one of the most important infrastructure elements of the entire digital asset space, and a cornerstone asset in my long-term digital asset portfolio.

Re. Hedera – what I find the most amazing characteristic about it is its one-of-a-kind governing council of leading Fortune500 companies. Having a diverse group of 39x multinationals deciding what to build next and what to change, gives the required trust and assurance for other large enterprises to build on Hedera – a sleeping giant! 

Any comments or ideas?x

Always happy to hear from fellow stackers!

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How To Calculate & File Your Crypto Taxes?

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