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Hi, I'm Noah.

I’m a German DIY investor, living in Singapore. I have an all-around love of anything investing related, and always have enjoyed managing my own money from a very young age. 

I’m by no means perfect at it and am not a professional money manager.

I’m just passionate about finding ways to generate passive income, finding the world’s best dividend stocks, and disclosing all positions of my All-Weather Portfolio!

Over the years, my total net worth step-by-step grew to several millions of USD. And if I keep my expenses in check, I should be able to remain financially free. 

The reason why I love to blog is that it helps me to organize my thoughts. If I want to hone in on thoughts about a certain investment, writing helps me to crystallize my opinion more than any other process.

I show you how much passive income I generate in my dividend calendar, and how I decided to re-invest the money at the end of each month.

I love sharing what I learned and know, but at the same time, I practice stealth wealth. That’s why I created WiseStacker.com, my pseudo-anonymous online presence via which I can openly share how I manage my money. 

All portfolios and trades represent actual, real money. I hope by sharing them, some of you can find inspiration or get new ideas. I also love to hear from fellow stackers – so please reach out anytime!

Explore My Portfolios.

Best Dividend Stocks in my All Weather Portfolio

My All-Weather Portfolio

My flagship portfolio consists of the world's best dividend stocks for passive income.

Digital Asset Portfolio Button

My Digital Assets Portfolio

Long-only crypto portfolio, built over years, containing only my highest-conviction bets.

Thematic Portfolios Button

My Thematic Portfolios

Specific thematic portfolios I express certain views with, incl. resource stocks, metaverse, etc.

Dividend Calendar and Passive Income Stream

My Full Dividend Calendar

See all the passive income my portfolios generate, by category/ month/asset class/etc.

Any damn fool can beg up some kind of job. It takes a wise man to make it without working.

Charles Bukowski 

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Why I 💙 Dividends

No Boss
No Clients

No Meetings
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About Me.

DIY Investor with 7-digit Portfolio

Like to look DIY investor managing a multi-million USD portfolio over the shoulder? Now you can! I created this site to share how I manage my money.

30 Years of Investing Experience

I bought my first stock with 14 years, and made every possible mistake in the book! Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes. Let's make you a better investor!

Multi-Asset Portfolio & Investments

I not only cover dividend investing. I also create lots of passive income from other asset classes, such as crypto lending, making money with solar panels, etc.

Worldwide Investment Scope

As a German living in Asia for +20 years, I have a worldwide investment scope, allocating money to all major markets, from the U.S. to Europe to Asia Pacific.

Timeless Financial Advise.

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My Blog

I frequently publish new articles about my most recent investments, the passive income I generated in each month, and how to master your money. Here are the most recent posts.

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       For stock research:  Gurufocus.com
       For storing gold:  Goldbroker.com
       For buying crypto:  Binance.com
       For passive P2P income:  EstateGuru.co
       For earning income on USDC:  Celsius
       For earning income on BTC/ETH:  Nexo 
       For crypto tax gain reporting:  Cointracking

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