🏆 Best Stock Picks

My best stock picks for each industry. Great buy-and-hold foreverYou can find many of them in my All-Weather Portfolio.

🛒 The World's Best Consumer Stocks

I believe that consumer staples stocks will prove once again to be a reliable sector amidst the current financial landscape. Irrespective of the economy, consumer goods remain essential that we all need on a daily basis, providing stability and steady demand for these stocks. 

best stock picks Unilever
  • $UL, a global consumer staples giant, founded 1930
  • brands: Dove, Knorr, Wall’s, Magnum, Domestos
  • consistent revenue and profit growth
  • emphasis on sustainability
  • high/stable dividend & low PE
  • full review
best stock picks PG
  • $PG, established in 1837, revenues of $82 Bio US
  • brands: Always, Ariel, Braun, Gillette, Pampers, Olay
  • one of the most recognized consumer staples firms
  • a diverse portfolio of renowned brands
  • delivering consistent revenue growth
  • strong focus on innovation
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beer stock pick anheuser-busch
  • $BUD, founded in 1852, revenues of $54.6 billion
  • brands: Budweiser, Corona, Stella Artois, Beck’s, Michelob Ultra
  • a leading global brewer and beverage company
  • a diverse portfolio of iconic beer
  • embraces innovation and brewing excellence
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🏙️ The Best REITs In The World

I believe once central banks are done raising interest rates, REITs will once again become a secure sector amidst the ongoing financial uncertainties. The stability and income potential offered by REITs make them a reliable option for investors seeking to protect and grow their wealth.

  • $VNNVF, leading E.U. residential REIT, founded 2001
  • $7 Bio US in rental income from 400,000 apartments
  • strong presence in Germany, Austria and Sweden
  • consistent revenue growth + efficient management
  • a favorite stock pick among income investors
  • read more
  • $AVB, a prominent residential REIT in the U.S.
  • develops multi-family apartment communities 
  • robust portfolio to deliver high-quality experiences
  • Since its IPO returned 13.4% to  shareholders
  • read more
  • $O, known as “The Monthly Dividend Stock”
  • rental income 2022 of $3,6 Bio US
  • primarily focuses on net lease properties
  • portfolio consists of retail, industrial, and office
  • consistent dividend payments for +50 years
  • a top stock pick of many dividend investors
  • read more
Asian REIT top stock pick
  • $LKREF, Asia’s largest REIT, listed in Hong Kong
  • rental income of $1.56 Bio US in 2022
  • focuses on retail properties, malls, and car parks
  • very strong market position, stable rental income
  • also owns properties in London, Australia, Singapore
  • read more
stock pick aroundtown reit europe
  • $AANNF, a leading European real estate company
  • rental income in 2022 of $1.8 Bio US
  • specializes in commercial properties
  • office buildings, hotels, and retail spaces
  • focuses on prime locations in Europe
  • strong financial performance
  • read more
stock pick storage REIT PSA
  • $PSA, by far the world’s largest self-storage REIT
  • a vast network of locations throughout the U.S. & EU
  • stable, recession-resistant rental income
  • strong financial performance & industry leadership 
  • geographically diversified via Shurgard in Europe
  • read more
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🚙 The World's Best Transport Stocks

I believe that transport stocks will witness a resurgence and serve as a promising sector amidst the evolving economic landscape. Whether it be car manufacturers, car rental companies, railroad, or shipping services, such stocks present an opportunity for investors to capitalize on the ever-increasing demand for transportation.

best stock pick European car BMW
  • $BMWYY, renown German luxury car brand
  • strong brand recognition & innovative technology
  • global revenues of $159 Bio US
  • also owns MINI and Rolls-Royce brands
  • a strong fleet of EV-cars
  • read more
best car rental stock pick Sixt
  • $SIXGF, leading car rental firm with sales of $3,5b
  • offers a wide range of transportation services, including rental, ride-hailing, car sharing & leasing
  • strong brand reputation & global presence
  • innovative digital solutions
  • one-of-a-kind shareholder discount program
  • read more
best railroad stock pick UNP
  • $UNP, largest railroad company in the U.S.
  • revenues of $24,7 Bio US
  • provides freight transport services across 23 states
  • extensive rail network and efficient operations
  • strong customer base with consistent revenue growth
  • read more
top container shipping stock pick Maersk 2023
  • $AMKAF, a global shipping and logistics company
  • founded in 1904 in Denmark 
  • operates one of the largest fleets in the world
  • a favorite stock pick among E.U. dividend investors
  • revenues of $81 Bio US with $29.3 Bio in net income 
  • read more

Other Sectors

There are industries with terrible fundamentals, and there are industries with great fundamentals. As a longterm-oriented dividend investor, I only try to pick stocks in industries with such favorable fundamentals. Below are a couple of the sectors I like:

European insurance stock picks -Allianz
  • $ALIZY, global insurance powerhouse, HQ in Munich
  • strong presence in insurance and asset management
  • robust financial performance & global reach
  • strong brand reputation
  • a favorite stock pick among income investors
  • read more
industrial stock pick Siemens 2023
  • $SIEGY, leading German multinational conglomerate
  • energy, healthcare and industrial automation
  • diverse portfolio and technological expertise
  • innovative and efficient global solutions
  • strong financial performance and balance sheet
  • revenues of $76,9 Bio US + net margins of +11%
  • read more
stock pick for best chemical stock BASF
  • $BASFY, the world’s larest chemical company
  • wide range of products spanning from chemicals, plastics,  agricultural solutions, and oil & gas sectors
  • renowned for delivering innovative solutions
  • strong financial performance with consistent growth
  • revenues of $82 bio and a dividend yield 8.4%
  • read more
entertainment stock pick Disney
  • $DIS, globally recognized entertainment & media firm
  • multiple iconic brands and franchises
  • portfolio includes film, television, theme parks, merchandise and games
  • strong presence in the entertainment industry
  • ability to create compelling and beloved content
  • global sales of $87,8 Bio US 
  • read more
best pharma stock pick AbbVie to buy
  • $ABBV, produces Humira, best-selling drug worldwide
  • robust portfolio of medications across many areas
  • strong foundation for revenue stability and growth
  • innovative/promising pipeline of potential new drugs
  • revenues of $56 Bio US with very health free cashflows
  • read more
ATT telecom dividend stock logo
  • $T, a well-established telecommunications company
  • revenues of $120 Bio US, and $12 Bio in free cash flow
  • diverse revenue streams & strong expansion into 5G
  • substantial free cash flow to service its debt
  • favorite stock pick among long-term dividend investors
  • read more
top luxury stock pick Kering
  • $PPRUY, with sales of $22 Bio USD & margins of 75% 
  • fantastic brand portfolio: Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen
  • exciting growth prospects over the next decade
  • global expansion by all of the group’s top brands
  • exciting digital experiments (virtual Gucci bags)
  • read more

⛏️ Natural Resource Stocks

Given the current era of excessive money printing, I am confident that natural resource stocks will witness a resurgence and emerge as a favorable sector to safeguard investments. Below are my favorite natural resource stock picks.

gold stock pick franco nevada
  • $FNV, one of the best business models in the world
  • wide portfolio with precious metal assets globally
  • strong financial performance
  • exposure to rising precious metal prices
  • revenues of $1,2 Bio US, with net margins of 53%
  • read more
best oil stock pick Shell
  • $SHEL, global presence and scale
  • does exploration, production, refining, and marketing
  • strong focus on renewable energy (wind and solar)
  • strong dividend history
  • revenues of $$358 Bio and earnings of $47 Bio
  • read more
natural resource stock pick BHP.gif
  • $BHP, helps to decarbonize the world
  • produces mission-critical commodities
  • multiple mining operations
  • very attractive valuation with an excellent dividend
  • revenues of $53,8 Bio and net margin of 24%
  • read more
agriculture stock pick Deere
  • $DE, excellent fundamentals (AgTech Megatrend) 
  • massive innovation (titled ‘The Tesla of Agriculture’)
  • largest AgTech firm with massive economies of scale
  • revenues of $60 Bio and a net margin of 16%
  • read more

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