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As DIY investors, we need smart tools that make our lives Easier & automate things for us. Here’s what’s in my investor toolbox – only Things I genuinely use and love 💙.

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For DIY investors like us, it’s important to keep the process of investing simple and fun! Some of us spend a lot of time looking after our portfolios, that’s why we need smart tools to automate things for us, remind us of dates, and generally make our life easier. 

Let me show you what tools I got in my investor toolbox, and what I use every day:

Tools I Use & Love

For DIY investors like us, it’s important to keep the process of investing simple and fun! Some of us spend a lot of time looking after our portfolios, that’s why we need smart tools to automate things for us, remind us of dates, and generally make our life easier. 

Let me show you what tools I got in my investor toolbox, and what I use every day:

Stock Research Platforms

🏆 The research site I use the most
🔎 My research typically starts here
Seeking Alpha
📖 Great for deep research

Simply the best stock research platform. Like a company’s financial data for the past 30 years? Like to screen Norway for the highest yielding lowest debt dividend stock? Gurufocus has you covered. With below you get one free month of premium membership – me too.
—> Link

An evergreen and one of the financial sites I visit the most often. Love their basic charts with simple AI-TA. It’s worthwhile to sign up for their paid account, as it gives you excellent and very detailed screeners (very helpful when you try to find high yield dividend stocks).
–> Link

Seeking Alpha

My second most visited research platform. I come here once I did my own first research on GuruFocus. Love the fact that dozens of analysts, from DIY investors like me to professional financial analysts, all present their points of view. A staple in many investor toolboxes! Also find it valuable to read the comment section below each article.
–> Link


Crypto Research Platforms


The former Blockfolio, now FTX App, is my favorite mobile app to check crypto prices and trade on my phone. Use my referral code and get a free coin when you trade $10 worth, referral code: StackStack
–> Link

Lunar Crush

My go-to site to check prices, and social sentiment and get a sense of what’s currently trending in the incredibly fast-moving crypto world. Aggregates a ton of data. Input your portfolio and favorite the coins you hold, and Lunarcrush will come to life!
–> Link

Tools To Track Your Performance

Portfolio Performance

The main tool I use to manage my portfolios. Great reporting. It takes some time for the initial setup, but once that is done, it pulls the daily prices from all major exchanges, has fantastic reporting functions, IRR and TTWR return-on-investment calculators, charts, and a lot more. The best is it’s completely free – a must have in every investor toolbox! You can see some of the charts on the All-Weather Portfolio page.
–> Link


A simple but very helpful tool. You tell it which and how many dividend stocks you own, and it will send you an email in the beginning of each month about the dividends you’ll be collecting in the coming 30 days. Love it. 
–> Link


Visually stunning portfolio reporting tool, showing you beautiful charts how your dividends develop over time.
–> Link

Charts & Technical Analysis

🏆 The #1 charting solution
🔎 My research typically starts here
Seeking Alpha
📖 Great for deep research

The 800-pound charting gorilla 🦍 everyone is using. Unparalleled function depth and breath, love it. Using it everyday, a must-have in every serious investor toolbox!
–> Link

Great and simple charts with some basic AI powered TA. It’s my evening routine to check this heatmap page to see how the U.S. markets opened:
–> Link

I’ve been using for 15+ years and still like it a lot. I mainly use it for my natural resource stocks in my Resource Portfolio because Stockcharts covers all OTC /Pink and Canadian listed stocks.

This is helpful because the Canadian resource equities often have significantly higher trading volume, see an example here and compare it with the OTC/PINK here.  By clicking on the below link you get one week for free, and I as well if you put in my email address ‘the at wisestacker dot com‘ when checking out.
–> Link

The Top CeFi Company I Like


Nexo is the world’s most advanced & regulated crypto company, offering instant crypto loans, daily earnings on assets, and instant swaps for 40+ fiat currencies in more than 200+ jurisdictions.

Above table only shows the Top 3 platforms.  Check out the article ‘CeFi Platforms I Love & Use‘ for a full comparison incl the review of more options.

CeFi Companies For Passive Income


I am also a long-term Nexo user, equally happy with their service. Everything is designed extremely well, and Nexo pays interest on a daily basis. Love their service, can only recommend it. With the following link, we both get $25 in BTC.
–> Link 


Shops To Buy & Store Precious Metals

I am a happy longterm customer of Goldbroker in Singapore. World-class and well-guarded safe, great selection of gold, silver, platinum.

Managed by an experienced team, plus they operate vaults not only in Singapore (which I use), but also in London, Zürich and Toronto. To have a trustworthy precious metals vaulting facility is a must have in the uncertain times we are in! 
–> Link

Stock Brokers I Use

Interactive Brokers (Ireland/U.S.)

One of the leading stock brokers in the world, operating the largest electronic trading platform (in the U.S.). Also love the mobile app! But quite advanced interface, don’t start with this one.
–> Link

Trade Republic (Europe)

AN Excellent new broker with a sleek and well-designed mobile trading app. It essentially has everything you need (thousands of ETFs, all relevant markets, etc.), and trading fees are very low (1€ per trade). Absolutely love this provider.
–> Link

Flatex (Germany)

A good discount broker with flat/fixed prices and very good trading options. Have been using them for years without any problems, clearly can recommend them.
–> Link

Crypto Exchanges I Like & Use


Have been using Binance since 2019. Always happy. Deepest order books with highest volumes. 
–> Link


Always loved Bittrex as an exchange. Very easy USD onramp and EUR offramp. Great volume among all pairs, clean UI/UX and a very well managed support center. Another fact I like is that they are 100% transparent (just look at their About Us page,  high-caliber executives, Linkedin profiles, etc. My 2nd most-used crypto exchange.
–> Link


I more and more use Thorchain’s DEX ThorSwap. All swaps between the different L1s such as BTC, ETH, Luna, BNB, etc., can be completed in one step without the need to bridge, wrap, peg assets, or use a centralized exchange – game changer!
–> Link

What About Coinbase?

I always avoided them because of the insanely high fees! Compare them!

Other Things I Love & Use

The Sun Exchange

Amazing: With this one-stop-shop, collect monthly rent in Bitcoin by purchasing and renting out panels in the most solar-rich but power-poor emerging countries like South Africa. Essentially photons are converted into electrons and then Bitcoin. Help slow climate change while creating jobs in Africa. Simply cool. I am now invested in +19 projects. With the below link we both get one solar cell for free when you make your first purchase. Check out the below image to see some of the locations where I own solar cells, producing clean energy every single day.
–> Link

Sun Exchange Investor Toolbox

The location of some of the Sun Exchange projects I own cells in.

I use to easily keep track of all my digital asset purchases, passive income, and gains/losses. I have also tried others like Koinly and Accointing, but I felt Cointracking really nails it. Super easy to connect it with the exchanges and wallet you are using, making the yearly reporting a breeze!
–> Link 
With this link, you get a 10% discount for all Account Upgrades (I get something as well


In 2020 I tested several P2P platforms, and only believe a handful of them are really investible. Some of the good ones, such as Mintos and Swaper can be a good part of the investor toolbox. One crowd investing platform specializing in real estate projects, allowing you to invest as little as 50 USD/Euro in specific real estate projects, is Estate Guru. Have been using them for years, and always had good experiences with (but bad experiences with many P2P platforms!).
–> Link 
Mention invite code EGU38942 and we both get equal to 0.5% of your total investments – no costs to you, even get a cash-back.

Watch a quick video on how it works:

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