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Check Out the Dividends I Receive From My All Weather Portfolio Below.

Dividend Calendar Overview Diary

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My Dividends

Started this All-Weather Portfolio in May 2020

monthly stock dividend calendar Wisestacker 2023-06


→ dividends received in Jan 2020:  –
→ dividends received in Jan 2021:  423 USD
→ dividends received in Jan 2022:  421 USD 
→ dividends received in Jan 2023:  641 USD (Details)


→ Dividends Received In Feb 2020:  –
→ Dividends Received In Feb 2021:  261 USD
→ Dividends Received In Feb 2022:  927 USD
→ Dividends Received In Feb 2023:  1,420 USD (Details)


→ dividends received in March 2020:   –
→ dividends received in March 2021:  649 USD
→ dividends received in March 2022:  1,953 USD
→ dividends received in March 2023:  2,608 USD (Details)


→ dividends received in April 2020:  –
→ dividends received in April 2021:  381 USD
→ dividends received in April 2022:  634 USD  (Details)
→ dividends received in April 2023:  1,077 USD  (Details)


→ dividends received in May 2020:   –
→ dividends received in May 2021:  2,717 USD
→ dividends received in May 2022:  2,984 USD  (Details)
→ dividends received in May 2022:  7,762 USD  (Details)


→ dividends received in June 2020:   –
→ dividends received in June 2021:  1,090 USD
→ dividends received in June 2022:  1,232 USD (Details
→ Dividends Received In June 2023:  2,135 USD (Details


→ dividends received in July 2020:   162 USD
→ dividends received in July 2021:   943 USD
→ dividends received in July 2022:   1,097 USD (Details)
→ dividends received in July 2023:   1,647 USD (Details)


→ dividends received in Aug 2020:   239 USD
→ dividends received in Aug 2021:   757 USD
→ dividends received in Aug 2022:   1,264 USD (Details)
→ dividends received in Aug 2023:   1,860 USD (Details)


→ dividends received in Sep 2020:   321 USD
→ dividends received in Sep 2021:   1,522 USD
→ dividends received in Sep 2022:  1,909 USD  (Details)
→ dividends received in Sep 2023:  2,144 USD  (Details)


→ dividends received in Oct 2020: 205 USD
→ dividends received in Oct 2021: 485 USD
→ dividends received in Oct 2022: 1,011 USD (Details)
→ dividends received in Oct 2023: 841 USD  (Details)

Oct 2023 is one of the rare month with a dividend decrease due to the dividend cancellations by Castellum


→ dividends received in Nov 2020:   454 USD
→ dividends received in Nov 2021:   617 USD
→ dividends received in Nov 2022:   636 USD (Details)
→ dividends received in Nov 2023:   1,014 USD (Details)


→ dividends received in Dec 2020:   329 USD
→ dividends received in Dec 2021:   1,080 USD
→ dividends received in Dec 2022:  1,496 USD (Details)
→ dividends received in Dec 2023:  2,098 USD (Details)

Check out my Thematic Portfolios (e.g. natural resources, Uranium, Metaverse, ..), or read Why I Invest In Gold.

Sold Stocks

🇺🇸 3M  –  Ongoing litigation woes, sold in May 2023
🇺🇸 Store Capital – Company Got Acquired in Feb 2023

Dividend Calendar Overview

Dividend Calendar by Stock - WiseStacker

Dividends Collected Year By Year

Dividends Collected Year By Year​ 2023-06

As a DIY investor in my mid-40s, managing my money is not only my passion but also the main thing I actually do.  At the end of each month, I check and log what dividends I received. 

I find managing a portfolio is a little bit like managing a garden’There are some recurring tasks you have to do each month to keep your garden, aka your portfolio, in good shape!

Some plants grew a lot and need to be trimmed back. Some weeds need to be removed, or maybe even replaced with something better. And this idea also applies to investing. We need to remove underperforming stocks with stronger ones.

And this is best done once a month, with a bit of a distanced point of view.

Managing a seven-digit portfolio is not much different than managing smaller accounts.

All I want is to ensure my money is working very hard for me.. day and night.. 24/7.. through the weeks and on every single public holiday.

Besides income from dividends, I also have other income streams. See further down below.

Dividends Collected


Dividends 2020


Dividends 2021


Dividends 2022


Dividends (6/2023)

Full Passive Income

Besides the dividends I get from my All-Weather Portfolio, I get ~$150,000 US of passive income in total per year.

Like to see a full breakdown? 



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