The 3 Best European REITS To Buy In 2022.

Compared to the U.S., dividend investors have fewer options to choose from when it comes to European REITs. Still, there are a few gems I'm buying at these levels.
European REIT stocks - which one to buy in May 2022

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Are European REITs A Good Investment?


First off, I am not a professional analyst, just a passionate DIY investor, always looking for the world’s best dividend stocks (I explain my process here).

In general, I like the high predictability, yields, and stability of real estate investment trusts (REITs). These are the three reasons why my All-Weather Portfolio consists of approx. 25% of the highest-quality REITs.

The U.S. has thousands of REITs to choose from, but when it comes to European REITs, it’s a different story. Each of the major countries in the E.U. has a handful of large blue-chip REITs, but they don’t come in the dozens.

In this article, I am presenting the three European REITs I like (disclaimer: I own two of the three). In particular, after the recent steep drop in price, I like all of them at these low price levels.


Vonovia – EU’s Largest Residential REIT

Vonovia European Residential Reit

Vonovia ($VNA, $VNNVF, ISIN: DE000A1ML7J1), is Europe’s leading private real estate company. Technically, it is not a REIT, but it simply put can be seen as one, because it focuses solely on real estate. It specializes in residential properties, of which it owns +560,000 apartments in the most attractive cities of Germany, Sweden, and Austria.

It also is the property manager of +72,500 apartments. The current value of all the real estate Vonovia owns is currently approx. 102 Bio USD.

Fun Fact #1: Vonovia is the title sponsor of the German soccer club VfL Bochum 1848, whereas the other European REIT I like, Aroundtown, is a title sponsor of another Bundesliga soccer club, see below!

Fun Fact #2: It actually is the property manager of my own two-bedroom rental apartment that I bought in 2013 for 280,000€ (80 sqm).

Vonovia invests a lot in ESG, in particular in maintenance, modernization, and senior-friendly property conversions. The company is increasingly building new apartments through post-compaction and additions.

It was one of the first European REITs to list on the STOXX50, and originally, it was called Deutsche Annington, and later, when it merged with Terra Firma, it became the largest German property company in 2006, when it also took over Viterra AG. It is called Vonovia since 2015.

I believe Vonovia at 33€ or less, offers a very good risk/reward ratio here.


How Big Is Vonovia?

Well, Vonovia is massive. It’s a real juggernaut. Let’s take a look at the balance sheet:

Vonovia Balance Sheet and It' Assets

That’s 106 Bio Euros in Total Assets or  113 Bio USD. Not small indeed.


Comparing Vonovia To Large U.S. Residential REITs


What if we’d compare Vonovia with the largest residential REITs in the U.S.? Well, I actually did and was quite surprised. It’d be the largest residential property owner, with the best financial ratios. I am highlighting the best values for each REIT. Disclosure: I also own Avalon Bay ($AVB) in my All-Weather Portfolio.


Comparing European REITs with U.S. Based REITs



Is Vonovia’s Dividend Safe?

Measured by the relatively low payout ratio of 42%, I deem Vonovia’s dividend as safe. At the end of the day, it is the largest European REIT, something that people gravitate to in times of uncertainty.

I actually see room for a potential increase. However, one word of caution: A large part of the profits is achieved through the yearly revaluation of the properties. Measured against the funds from operations from 2021 of EUR 2.15 per share, however, there could also be room for improvement. The equity ratio of 34 percent is not very high, but for a capital-intensive business model – like Vonovia’s – there could definitely be more leeway. In summary, I think the dividend is safe, with a realistic room to grow over the years.


Is Vonovia Reasonably Priced?

Some quick back of napkin math: Vonovia owns 565,000 apartments, with 770 million shares = 1,370 shares per apartment (approx. €45K(apartment). The average size of all apartments is 62 sqm. With 45,000€, you have to search for a long time till you find an apartment with 62 sqm. This is only possible due to Vonovia’s massive economies of scale – size just matters!

As income investors, the dividend section is of big interest to us. Let’s take a look:

Vonovia Europe REIT Dividend

What I like here, in particular, is the high growth rate of 12.2%. That, paired with a 4.95% dividend yield gives us a chowder CAGR of 17,15% (not sure what the Chowder Dividend Rule is? –> watch this 5-min Youtube video), clearly above the recommended 12% for high-dividend payers. Not bad.

Now, when looking at the chart, you can see an extremely low RSI. It is at a bombed-out level. I think the area marked as ‘floor’ is a good buying area.


Chart of Vonovia, Europe's Largest Residential REIT



Just today, May 25th, I received the latest Vonovia dividend, see below.  For the 334 shares I own (total holding value approx. 11,000€), I received 408€, roughly 440 USD. I can sleep well at night owning a part of the largest European REIT.

Vonovia Divvy Payment-2022-05


Is European REIT Vonovia A Buy Here?

In short, yes for me. Comparing it with many of its peers, Vonovia is a rock-solid company with a fortress-like balance sheet, high dividend, good international diversification, and very experienced and prudent management I trust will steer this mega-ship steadily through any storms to come.


Aroundtown – Europe’s #1 Office REIT.

aroundtown European Reit Offices Commercial 2022-05

Aroundtown ($AANNF, $AT1, LU1673108939) was founded in 2004 and is listed on the German stock exchange since 2015.  It was included in the S-Dax in 2017, in the MDAX in 2018, and it is now even included in the DAX 50 ESG Index since it took over another large REIT called TLG-Immobilien. It is now the largest European office REIT, holding real estate worth 25 Bio Euros.

Fun Fact: Since 2019, Aroundtown is the title sponsor of the German Bundesliga soccer club, 1. FC Union Berlin, playing in the highest league.

The main business model of the Luxembourg-based company is to acquire, developed, and lease income-generating quality properties in Tier 1 European cities in Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK (basically London).  It buys and leases out office, hotel, and commercial real estate, below is a quick breakdown:

Aroundtown European Office Reit

It also owns a subsidiary that specializes in residential real estate, Grand City Properties ($GCP), also a publicly-traded real estate company.

How About Aroundtowns Profit & Loss?

As you know, I am not a professional analyst, more like your neighbor who’s passionate about dividend investing. But I like to study annual reports, balance sheets, and income statements, and here’s a quick glance:

Aroundtown 2022 Q1 Financials


Revenue up, recurring long-term rental up, operating profit up, share price down. Way down. 41% in fact.

aroundtown Chart European Office REIT

Aroundtown’s stock price took a 41% nose-dive from the peak over a year ago. All of this while the business performance is significantly up. This smells like Mr. Market provides us with an opportunity here.

Now, I know there are several major uncertainties, in particular around the potentially rising interest rates (historically bad for property developers and owners), but I believe the central banks put themselves in a corner, and won’t be able to keep interest rates elevated for long. They’d bankrupt one community, city, region, country or even region (e.g.  PIGS) after the other.

Is European REIT Aroundtown A Buy?

Below 4.50 Euro, I like Aroundtown a lot. I will be adding to my stack. Can it fall further? Sure. But I believe we are way closer to the bottom than to the top. And having some money is Europe’s largest office REIT is surely a defensive play, something that I believe will be very relevant in the months to come.



SEGRO – Europe’s #1 Industrial REIT.

European Industrial REIT Segro

SEGRO (ISIN GB00B5ZN1N88, $SEGXF), is a real estate investment trust with a focus on industrial real estate. Its portfolio includes warehouses, industrial buildings, offices, logistics, and data centers in commercial and industrial areas in Great Britain and Europe.

The target properties are typically in close proximity to important transport hubs such as highways, ports, or airports. The company was founded in 1921 and is headquartered in Slough Berkshire, UK.

Technically SEGRO is not a company of the European Union, but from my point of view, it surely counts as a European REIT, as as of May 2022, it owns properties in multiple countries in Europe, see the breakdown below:

  • UK (70)
  • France (51)
  • Germany (28)
  • Poland (18)
  • Italy (12)
  • Spain (10)
  • Netherlands (8)
  • Czech Republic (1)

The activities of SEGRO include project management from planning through construction to marketing and administration of the buildings, as well as property management of existing buildings. SEGRO owns and manages real estate with over 6 Mio sqm (roughly 60 Mio sft) of commercial space.

I have been following SEGRO for years but so far have not bought it. I am not yet clear how a UK-based REIT would be treated tax-wise for German investors like myself, living in Singapore.

Any German investors here know how dividends from European REITs that are based in the U.K. are taxed in 🇩🇪Germany?x


How About SEGRO’s Dividend?


SEGRO pays a solid dividend of 2.2%, growing at a 5-Year average rate of 8,8%. The payout ratio is extremely low (only 7%), meaning SEGRO can easily increase its dividend, should the experienced management so want.

Segro European Industrial REIT Dividend


Is Industrial REIT SEGRO A Buy?

When looking at SEGRO’s stock chart, we can see it’s about 25% off its high. It came down with the entire market without any particular catalyst or reason. I believe a prudent, long-term income investor can start to nibble on this conservatively-managed company at these levels.

European Industrial REIT Segro stock chart

I personally like the company a lot, and it’s on my shopping list should we see any further major decline due to for example geopolitical stress. I appreciate the fact that SEGRO has a focus on the U.K., but is geographically sufficiently diversified. This European REIT has a strong balance sheet to weather any major storms, and its core business, industrial properties, will be in high demand in highly-industrialized Europe for decades to come.




There you have it, fellow stackers. I present my favorite 3x European REITs I either already own (Vonovia & Aroundtown), or have on my shopping list (SEGRO).

When it comes to investing, it’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees, particularly when you’re deep into the woods! When we zoom out, we can see lots and lots of uncertainty. My investment thesis for going heavy on European REITs is that they provide good shelter and stability in the long term.

As long as now war breaks out all over 🇪🇺Europe, these three companies will be around in 10, 15, or 25 years from now, and most likely keep paying a healthy dividend. That’s what I like about them, and that’s why I am a buyer.


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