Passive Income Overview | 2024-06

Check out the passive income overview for June 2024 - my 2nd best month on record from a dividend point of view!
passive income overview 2024-06


Passive Income Overview – June 2024


Last month, June 2024, marked my second-best month in my four-year dividend investing journey.

Here’s a breakdown of the 17 dividends I received from the stocks in my All-Weather Portfolio.


Shares Amount
Vonovia 800 $792
Porsche 350 $711
Ecora Resources 14,000 $303
Enbridge 510 $290
Shell 350 $241
Unilever 650 $227
Pfizer 600 $176
Anheuser 275 $169
Sixt 50 $154
Tencent 400 $126
Public Storage 45 $115
Kraft-Heinz 400 $112
Realty 460 $103
BlackRock 26 $101
J&J 80 $89
Union Pacific 75 $83
Franco Nevada 123 $38
Total $3,831


Last year, I received $2,135 (see report here), and the year before that, $1,232.

This June, I earned $3,831β€”a significant increase of $1,696 from last year. The dividend snowball effect is in full swing.



Income Overview Chart – Year On Year



monthly dividend chart 2024-06
June 2024 was my 2nd best month.



Income Overview Chart – Accumulated


dividend accumulation chart 2024-06



Here are all the dividend stocks that have paid me more than $1,000 since I started investing in May 2020.


My best dividend payers so far 2024-06
The stocks that paid me most dividends since May 2020.


Since then the only position I sold was $MMM.



Income Overview – Purchases In June


To ensure this growth continues, I purchased the following stocks worth $24,800:


Purchases Shares Amount
Unilever 150 $8,477
Cisco 100 $4,749
CapitaLand India 4,500 $3,323
Procter & Gamble 50 $8,256
Total $24,804



Why I Bought These Shares


  • Unilever (UL): I invested in Unilever due to its bold decision to spin off its ice cream business with targeted cost-cutting measures & a productivity program, andΒ a new focus on core flagship brands. All of this will unfortunately result in about 7,500 job losses, but at the current level, I believe it is undervalued and poised to benefit from these initiatives.
  • Cisco (CSCO) & Procter & Gamble (PG): Both companies have shown strong recent numbers, and I am confident in their long-term potential.
  • CapitaLand India (ACNDF): This was the most challenging purchase. The stock price is at a historic low, with its price-to-book (PB) ratio at an all-time low, reflecting extreme pessimism. Historically, my best buys have been when I felt almost β€˜sick’ purchasing the stock. Recent insider buying gives me confidence that we are through the worst.


PB Data CapitaLand India 2024-06
Historic low PB ratio




Trading Account Orders


I am patiently waiting for the following two orders to be filled

  • 450 x Paypal (PYPL) at $55, closing a gap that has been open for a long time
  • 1,250 x Cleanspark (CLSK) at $15, expecting it to be filled today, below is the order ticket


CSPK order 2024-06


I want to use the recently high volatility to snipe some of the stocks I believe will do well in the coming 6-12 monhts.






I am wrapping up my 2nd best month and the journey of dividend investing continues to be rewarding.

I am excited about the future potential of my portfolio, and I look forward to seeing how it will further develop.


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