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Passive Income Breakdown Report 2024-02
Passive Income Report

Passive Income Breakdown – Feb 2024

Passive Income Breakdown For Feb 2024     Income tracking-wise, February was a good and steady month for me. I received $1,551 in total, an increase of 9% compared to Feb 2023.     Income Breakdown      Shares Value Ecora Resources 14,000 $293 PG 150 $104 AbbVie 145 $191 Realty 445 $97 Siemens 165 $685 Deere 26 $32

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passive income progress 2024-01
Passive Income Report

Passive Income Progress 2024/01 – Put $27k in 7 Great Stocks

Passive Income Progress – January 2024   From a passive income progress point of view, January sucked. My dividend income this month was less than last year. That was mainly due to 🇸🇪 Castellum, a Scandinavian REIT of which I hold 3,500 shares. Last year, it paid $218 in dividends, this year, nada! Nilch!   Passive Income Progress Overview

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