Passive Income Breakdown – Feb 2024

Passive Income Breakdown Report 2024-02


Passive Income Breakdown For Feb 2024



Income tracking-wise, February was a good and steady month for me.

I received $1,551 in total, an increase of 9% compared to Feb 2023.



Income Breakdown 





Ecora Resources 14,000 $293
PG 150 $104
AbbVie 145 $191
Realty 445 $97
Siemens 165 $685
Deere 26 $32
AT&T 625 $147
Total Dividends $1,551



My largest dividend was from 🇩🇪Siemens $SIEGY with $685.


Although 🇬🇧Ecora’s share price (ECRAF) is not doing well, I let Mr. Market do his thing and focus on the dividend the company is paying instead. At this stage, I receive $293 every three months.

My monthly income from Realty is now $97 (after tax). My initial goal was to get $100 from $O – so I am almost there.

Overall, it was an okay month without big surprises.

Income Breakdown Charts


The increase is rather minimal, but at least it increased. Here’s how each month compares to the years prior.

income breakdown 2024 02

The month-on-month chart looks like this (March is flat because I have not filed any dividends yet).

monthly income breakdown 2024-02



Stock Purchases, Feb 2024



This month I only made one large purchase.




Vonovia 40 $1,142
Pepsico 48 $8,013
Siemens 5 $882
Total $10,036



I sold 125x Coinbase $COIN x $200 for $25,000 (with a profit of $12,500) and rotated some of it into my All-Weather Portfolio.

Also re-invested some of Siemens’ dividends and bought another 5x $SIEGY, after they had very promising things to say about the coming years.

This will keep the dividend snowball rolling.

In total, I deployed $10,036 of capital this month.

I am looking forward to May – typically my strongest month from an income tracking point of view.

Last year I got $7,762. My goal is to be above $8,500 this year.




Trading Account Income Breakdown



In my Trading Account, where I try to generate additional cash flow with short- to medium-term trades, I sold 50% of my $COIN position after it reached my target profit of $200.

This is the stop loss order I placed on Feb 27, when $COIN already had jumped to 205.09.


Stock Trading Account - Coinbase Order


And the transaction confirmation I received via email.


Coinbase crypto stock sale confirmation


My crypto portfolio, now with automatic price updates, generated a total passive income of $3,745 (of which $2,000 was from an airdrop).

If you are interested in how I manage my digital assets, check out this post.

The income my All-Weather Portfolio generates is NOT my largest source of passive income.

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