Passive Income Numbers 2024/03 – Got $2,8k in divvies, $30k of buys

A solid month dividend income wise - Got $2,8k in form of dividends, sold $30k of crypto, and invested $34k in dividend stocks.
monthly income number 2024-03


I was active in March and sold a total of $30,000 crypto and re-balanced the proceeds into dividend stocks.


Passive Income Numbers For March


An okay month dividend-wise.


Shares Amount
CapitaLand India 25,500 $578
BHP 250 $356
Dexus 2,900 $338
Enbridge 510 $292
Brookfield 730 $259
Shell 350 $241
Pfizer 600 $176
Unilever 400 $138
Public Storage 45 $115
Realty 445 $97
BlackRock 25 $96
Welltower 200 $85
J&J 80 $85
Franco Nevada 123 $38
Total $2,894


If I compare my income numbers with those of last year, it looks like this:


Income Report – Month by Month



monthly income report 2024-03 chart




Quarterly Income Report – Since 2020



quarterly income report 2024-03




Income Report – Details


income report 2024-03 overview



Profit Taking From Crypto Gains


I started to take some first profits from my Solana position. It shot from $10 up to $200 US within a year. My average purchase price is $23.

I sold a total of 110 SOL at an average sales price of $180.


I also sold 1,000 RUNE at $11, the native coin of Thorchain. In total, I took $30,000 off the table, and re-balanced into my All-Weather Portfolio, with solid, long-term dividend stocks.



Stock Purchases 


After Unilever $UL announced that it would divest/spin off its ice creme business, historically the business line with the lowest margin, and focus instead of its 30 core brands, I decided to buy 250 additional $UL.

After Reckitt Benckiser was beaten badly, I bought another 100 of $RBGLY.











Avalon Bay


















To increase my income in the months with the least dividend income, October and November, I added to my Avalon Bay $AVB and John Deere $DE positions.

In my opinion, Link REIT (official website, ticker in the U.S. $LKREF and in Europe $STU:L5R) is the best REIT in Asia and also offers good entry opportunities.

The little green triangles represent buys, and the red one sells. In 2014 I bought LINK up and sold when Hong Kong started to see issues.



best REIT in Asia LINK 2024-03


In hindsight, I started buying back in too early.

I bought the first 500x at 70 HKD, but given that I had sold 24,500 about two years before, it shows that I just started building a first position.

At current levels, I am happy to add to my position, but this one will take patience! In the meantime, LINK will surely boost my income numbers.



Income From Airdrops


Airdrop season is in full swing. In the past three months, here’s what I got.


Coin Chain Qty 🪂 Price 🪂 Value
EtherFi Ethereum 1,042 $3.78 $3,939
Dymension Cosmos 389 $5.05 $1,966
Ethena Ethereum 1,821 $0.55 $1,002
Jupiter Solana 400 $0.63 $250
Altlayer Ethereum 241 $0.35 $84
Earthlings Steam Hedera 11,654 $0.005 $58
Pacmoon Blast 3,000 $0.014 $42
Grelf Hedera 32 $0.68 $21
 Total $7,362


What’s crazy is that I received Dymension only because I staked Celestia, which I received from staking ATOM.

Looks like the airdrop snowball keeps growing – and the next three months will be massive in terms of airdrops, which have boosted my income numbers a lot in 2024.

Here’s my recent Simple Airdrop Guide post explaining what I did (some of these projects already completed their airdrops).



Upcoming Airdrop


If you like to farm an interesting upcoming airdrop, check out GetGrass.

I’ll write a blog post about it next week because I think it’s a groundbreaking project.


GetGrass- dashboard


At this stage, you don’t need any crypto wallet or knowledge – for now, it’s all about collecting points grass!

Simply put, GetGrass powers AI models through an innovative infrastructure. By simply installing the Grass web extension, you can transform idle internet bandwidth completely anonymously into a valuable asset, sold to reputable AI enterprises.





My plan for the coming months is to keep re-balancing crypto gains from my digital asset portfolio into my dividend portfolio.

Although I believe the crypto bull market still has a lot of room to grow, I am currently having $2 Mio US in pure crypto.

That’s about 30% of my total net worth.



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