Passive Income Tracker – Dividend Income in 2023/08

In my passive income tracker for the month of 2023/08, I share the 9 great stocks that paid me $1,800 & the shares I bot with $15k of new capital.
passive income tracker


Passive Income Tracker – $1,860 Received, $15,000 Invested


August was an unspectacular but good month nevertheless.

I received $1,860 US in pure, sweet passive dividend income

My biggest payer was my favorite Indian REIT, CapitaLand India, which paid out $547 US.

The second-largest payer was another REIT from another corner of the world – my only Australian REIT called Dexus.

In 2023 in total, I so far earned $18,800 US in dividends.



Dividends Received in August


My passive income tracker for August 2023, with dividends from nine great companies:


Date Dividends Shares Amount
2023-08-31 🇮🇳 CapitaLand India 22,300 $547 🛑
2023-08-31 🇦🇺 Dexus 2,900 $332 🛑
2023-08-24 🇸🇬 DBS 600 $208 ⬆️
2023-08-16 🇺🇸 PG 125 $106 ⬆️
2023-08-15 🇺🇸 AbbVie 145 $182 ⬆️
2023-08-15 🇺🇸 Realty 429 $93 ⬆️
2023-08-08 🇺🇸 Deere  18 $19 ⬆️
2023-08-01 🇭🇰 Link REIT 1,500 $225 🛑
2023-08-01 🇺🇸 AT&T 625 $147 🟧
  Total   $1,860
    Dividends  ⬆️ increased  🟧 unchanged  🛑 lower 


The symbols behind the $$ amount indicate whether the dividend was ⬆️ increased, remained 🟧 unchanged or is 🛑 lower compared to one year ago. As you can see, all REITs, usually the most stable dividend payers, all have lower dividends!

This is of course mainly due to the rising interest rates that broke out, as shown on below’s chart.


10 YR CBOE Treasury Note Yield Break out


My favorite European REITs Vonovia and Aroundtown are up 50% from the lows and I believe the lows are in.



Share Purchases In August 2023 


In August, I put $15,440 US to work, and added to the following of my existing positions:


Date Buys Shares Amount
2023-08-26 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scottish Mortgage Trust 750 $6,334
2023-08-21 🇺🇸 Realty 6 $346
2023-08-03 🇦🇺 Rio Tinto 40 $2,505
2023-08-03 🇨🇦 Enbridge 20 $721
2023-08-02 🇭🇰 Link REIT 1,000 $5,535
  Total   $15,440


I am almost done building the $50,000 position in Scottish Mortgage Trust. I now own 5,500 shares and invested a total of $46,000. The chart below shows all of my purchases.


passive income tracker Aug 2023 Scottish Mortgage



My passive income tracker usually covers the income I get from the dividend stocks I own in my All-Weather Portfolio, but this month I also like to share the income I generate from cryptocurrencies.



Passive Income Tracker – Month by Month


Let’s take a look at how my passive income develops over time, comparing the monthly income month by month.

passive income tracker month by month


Important to note that the improvement each month has a lot to do with the amount of new capital I deployed. Of course, it also has to do with increased dividends, but as I currently am still building my dividend portfolio, the main reason is additional capital invested!


Dividend Portfolio – Each Position


My portfolio value currently sits at approx. $850,000 US. Below is a full breakdown:


passive income tracker dividend portfolio




Dividend Portfolio – By Region


Also interesting is to look at the geographic distribution, see the chart below.


dividend portfolio by region


44% of my dividend portfolio is invested in U.S. stocks, 42% in Europe, and about 12% in Asia-Pacific.


Income From Cryptocurrencies


In August, I  generated a total of $1,760 US via my cryptocurrencies.  About half via simply staking the coins I own, and the other half via fees generated from LPing (providing liquidity to Liquidity Pools).


Income from Liquidity Farming


Bake on DefiChain $285
SaucerSwap $210
Osmosis $197
Heliswap $122
Total incl. others $824



Income from Staking Rewards


Hedera $198
Cosmos $294
Solana $124
Ethereum $124
Nexo $68
Polkadot $45
Radix $30
Heliswap $12
Perion $10
Total incl. others $937



The above is purely passive income, meaning I don’t have to do anything other than claim the rewards at the end of each month.

It takes me about an hour to quickly claim and re-invest the staking and farming rewards.

I have a Passive Income Tracker sheet you can download for free when signing up for my email list via this link.




Digital Asset Portfolio


My current digital asset portfolio looks like this:

digital asset portfolio 2023 08


72% of my portfolio is in Bitcoin, then Hedera, Ethereum, and Solana. I also have a small position in Cosmos with its native coin ATOM, and Radix, with its coin XRD.





A normal and sort of uneventful month. The total passive income I generated in August was $12,200 (click here to unlock the full breakdown).

In August, I spent $13,000 on our family vacation in Germany, Austria, and Italy, leading me to think about whether Europe has the potential to become a dream destination for remote workers.

For the time being, I’ll keep re-investing the generated passive income as well as investing new capital into both the stock and crypto markets.





How to create a passive income tracker?

Keep things simple and open a new Google Sheet file. From the left to right, write the months. From up to down, write the different sources of the passive income you generate. This is the easiest and fastest way to create your own passive income tracker, or you use mine (unlock here).

What is the best income tracker app?

There are many good options out there. is good. Personally, I use a simple Google Sheet (make a free copy here), and for daily family expenses, I use a simple mobile phone app called MoneyControl.

What is an income tracker?

It tells you what income you generated via which income stream, ie. from your salary, or passive income from collected rent, royalties, blogging, dividend stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc. It’s important to keep track of both your actively-generated and passive income, as well as your expenses to see if you actually make or loose money. A prudent suggestion is to save up enough money that you could get by for six months without generating any income, and then invest the rest. Also, always try and save at least 5%, better 10-20% of your after-tax salary. Read this article to learn how to get started with investing.

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