Dividend Breakdown 2024/05 – New Record with 8k in Divvies

In this month's dividend breakdown, I share which companies paid me +8k for the first time. I also was quite active again and invested +11k.
dividend breakdown 2024-05


Dividend Breakdown 


Dividend-wise, May has always been the best month.  In 2023, I received $7,230 and this year $8,544.

You can see the entire progress of my income from my dividend stocks in the following chart:



dividend breakdown by month 2024-05



Detailed Dividend Breakdown



Dividends Shares Received
Hamborner 4,500 $2,053
BASF 400 $,1101
Allianz 100 $1,095
E.ON 2,250 $951
BMW 180 $867
DHL 450 $674
Reckitt 600 $650
DBS 770 $302
AbbVie 150 $198
AT&T 675 $159
ProSiebenSat1 3,675 $149
PG 150 $112
Realty 460 $100
Welltower 200 $85
Deere 37 $46
Total $8,544


This month, two dividend payments made it into my Top 10:

The largest payer was the German REIT Hamborner, making it the biggest single-stock dividend I ever received.

And German chemical company, BASF, makes it into my Top 10 too.


The following chart shows the largest dividends I have received since I started building my All-Weather Dividend Portfolio in mid-2020.


Dividend Home Run Heroes WS


Inspired by my fellow financial blogger Bergfahrten.com, I also wanted to track how many companies pay me a yearly dividend of $1,000!

So far I have 10 companies, with hopefully many more to come!


I also list out my Single Home Run Heroes – shares of companies that doubled in value.

If a company doubles again, it becomes a Double Home Run Hero.  The uranium mining company Cameco (CCJ) went up so fast that it is not only my first Single Home Run Hero, but already a Double one as well.

I believe the Uranium investment theme is an extremely interesting one, and I plan to hold Cameco for a very long time, preferably forever.



Dividend Stock Purchases


In terms of investments, I put $11,800 to work.

Here are the shares I bought:


Purchases Shares Invested
E.ON 250 $3,552
Porsche 50 $2,715
BASF 50 $2703
Alibaba 250 $2,445
AT&T 25 $432
Total $11,846



Knowing What To Buy


If I am unsure what position to add to, I often turn to Gurufocus.com.

As a premium user, I get access to its in-house GF Value, the Gurufocus value, providing the following 6 evaluations:

  • Possible Value Trap, Think Twice
  • Significantly Overvalued
  • Modestly Overvalued
  • Fairly Valued
  • Modestly Undervalued
  • Significantly Undervalued
Take the following GF Chart of the Hamborner REIT as an example:
Hamborner GF Value 2024-05
At one glance you can see that the share is modestly Undervalued.
We investors need to find stocks with sufficient margin of safety and the GF value is very helpful in this regard.
I have my entire dividend portfolio on Gurufocus, and by sorting the stocks by their current value, I get ideas about what to buy.
Price to GF Value 2024-05

Dividend Breakdown – May 2020-2024 


This chart shows all dividends in the month of May for the past years.

Many of those increases are due to additional money I invested in the respective stock.

Out of 17 stocks, two cut their dividends in those years, namely ProSiebenSat1, and Fresenius.


dividend breakdown May details



I can live with that and don’t want to trade in and out of these stocks.

So I am fine just holding through some weakness.






I am super happy with the progress of my passive income.

Writing detailed dividend breakdowns like this one helps me crystallize and structure my thoughts.

Thank you for reading till the end. I always love hearing from my readers so please don’t be shy to send me a message anytime.

How is your dividend income progress going?x




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