Monthly Dividend Tracker 2024/04 | 9x Divvies + 1x Big Buy

April was quite rewarding on the dividend tracker front: Received divvies from 9x companies, and made one 1x buy of one of my favorite British consumer stocks.
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Dividend Tracker April 2024


I received dividends from the following stocks in the month of April:

Shares Total
Rio Tinto 250 $482
DBS 700 $272
Brookfield 730 $259
Cisco 500 $148
Avalon Bay 100 $145
Pepsico 120 $137
Realty 445 $97
Mondelez 275 $82
LVMH 1 $6
Total $1,627



Month by Month – Dividend Tracker


Compared to the previous year, we can see a slow but steady increase.


monthly dividend tracker 2024-04



May is my best month in terms of dividends because most of my European stocks pay their annual dividend then.

Not sure yet but I might crack the $10,000 US passive income ceiling for the first time.



My Portfolio Performance


2024 is my 4th full year of dividend investing (started my All-Weather Portfolio in May 2020).

So far I invested a total of $1.03 Mio, the current portfolio value sits at $1.05 Mio. The below chart shows the invested capital (grey line) vs. the current value.


yearly dividend tracker 2024-04



The image below shows at what periods my portfolio had a positive or negative performance measured against the amount of capital I invested.

I think in decades and am not fazed by short-term volatility.  I aim to buy the world’s best buy-and-hold forever stocks that will still be around once I am long gone, providing sufficient passive income that the next generation will always have a good safety net.


dividend tracker performance 2024-04



Dividend Stock Buys


In April, I put $10,636 to work and made 4x smaller and 1x big buy.


Shares Total
Reckitt 150 $8,121
Realty 15 $792
BlackRock 1 $785
Vonovia 60 $785
Warner Bros 30 $252
Total $10,736


I bought $8,121 worth of Reckitt-Benckiser, listed in the U.S. under the ticker (RBGLY) and in Germany under (FRA:3RB).

Reckitt is the owner and producer of famous brands such as

  • AirWick
  • Bang
  • Calgon
  • Clearasil
  • Dettol
  • Durex
  • Enfamil (children’s food)
  • Vanish


Reckitt Benckiser brand portfolio

©️ Image by Reckitt Benckiser


Surely, they face growth and profitability challenges, but I trust they will steer the ship around and things will look much better in a few years.

The chart below shows all my Reckitt buys (see the green markers) and dividends (they constantly increased their distributions).


Stock Buys and Dividends from Reckit Benckiser


Portfolio Allocation – By Region


46% of my dividend portfolio is invested in European and 41% in U.S. dividend stocks.  Only 12% in APAC stocks.

I am happy with this setup because European stocks are undervalued.


dividend portfolio - allocation 2024-04


In my monthly dividend tracker, I not only track distributions from dividend stocks but also passive income I generated from airdrops. See below!


Airdrop “Dividend Tracker”


Airdrops from new networks are not dividends per se, but can be considered free “internet money“.

In April, I got $5,951 worth of free tokens for being an early participant or liquidity provider for these high-potential Dapps (digital apps on blockchains).


Tokens 🪂 Price 🪂 Value
Renzo Ethereum 12,600 $0.17 $2,142
Saga Cosmos 250 $5.50 $1,375
Kamino Solana 30,900 $0.04 $1,236
Brave)"}">Ethena  Ethereum 2,048 $0.55 $1,126
Zeus Solana 70 $0.72 $50
Grelf Hedera 32 $0.68 $21
Total $5,951



Airdrop Example


Take Ethena for example.

In February, I deposited $5,000 USD into this project, earning an APY of 15.3%!

TVL, or Total Value Locked, sits at $2.30 Bio, meaning the project was able to attract 2,300 x Mio, o2 2.3 Bio, U.S. Dollars.


Ethena Airdrop Example



On top of the 15.3% you natively earn on your $US, you also earn “points” for the “ENA” token airdrop, the native token of the Ethena network.

I receive a total of 2,048 ENA, valued at $0.55 per token, or $1,126 US in total.

Ethena has an ongoing Season 2 point campaign (they call their points “shards”). You can still participate by simply depositing USD on their platform here.



How To Get Started With Ethena


If you don’t know how to get started, follow these simple 5 steps:

  1. Create an account with Nexo (takes 5 min if you have your passport and utility proof ready).
  2. Top up your Nexo account with some EUR, GBP, or USD and swap these into USDC.
  3. On your Chrome or Firefox browser, set up a free Rabby Wallet and withdraw your USDC to it.
  4. Head over to Ethena and buy some USDe (Ethena’s native USD coin).
  5. To earn 30x shards per day, “lock your USDe” for 7 days on the Liquidity Tab.

That’s it!




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