GetGrass – Earn Passive Internet Income via This DePIN Project

I recommend installing the GetGrass browser extension to earn points towards an upcoming airdrop - all while anonymously powering the decentralized network in the background, without compromising your privacy or security.
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Key Takeaways


✅ GetGrass is an easy-to-install and touch-free browser extension
✅ It turns your computer into a stealth node operator in a novel P2P network
✅ It compensates its node operators with points for an
 upcoming airdrop
✅ It’s
safe, 100% anonymous, and runs in the background 



What is GetGrass?


GetGrass is a browser extension enabling the monetization of idle bandwidth by becoming a network touch-free node operator in the its peer-to-peer network.

As a node operator, your computer will essentially provide basic network services, such as

  • routing
  • caching
  • proxying
  • local-specific content scraping.

Customers pay GetGrass for example to train their large language models, LLMs, to improve their AIs.



Did you know?


OpenAI’s ChatGPT “scraped” millions of Reddit forums without compensating Reddit’s users, or Reddit itself?

That’s when the team smelled the opportunity and realized that proxying and web scraping could benefit considerably from a decentralized model.



What Is GetGrass’ Goal?


GetGrass wants to become the Data Layer of AI, producing datasets that can be traced back to their origin. It found ways to make public web data more accessible to open-source AI projects,

Instead of setting up 1,000s nodes worldwide, the team devised this novel idea to create a peer-to-peer network, compensating its node operators (aka, anyone with a PC) with micro-payments!



How To Install GetGrass?


On your computer, open your browser such as Chrome, Brave, or Edge, then

1. Go to to register an account

GetGrass Account Setup
Step 1 – create an account with GetGrass

2. Download the Grass extensions

GetGrass Extenstion
Step 2 – Install the free Browser extension

3. Open the extension and log on with your account credentials
4. Click on “Reconnect” – that’s it!

You are now a touch-free node operator, collecting points while you sleep.



Is It Safe & Secure?


Yes. It is 100% anonymous and leading tech auditing firms have audited the code.

Grass is not using your computer or looking at anything you do on it. All it does is send small packages of traffic through your connection.

This is completely separate from your personal activity.

It has zero access to your private data. The only data it collects is public information from publicly-available sites.


GetGrass Trustpilot


It also has a high 4.4 star- rating on Trustpilot.



Who Backs And Is Behind GetGrass?


Its co-founder and CEO is Andrej Radonjic, check out this interview on YouTube below:



It is backed by two massive VCs:

  • Polychain, an established VC firm, early investors in Anchorage Digital, DYDX, Shrapnet, etc., and
  • Tribe Capital, with $1.6B+ AUM, has supported companies such as Kraken, Carta, Flipside, Akash, etc.


How To Monitor Earnings?


To keep track of your earnings and watch as your stake in the network grows over time, simply open the dashboard and see


GetGrass dashboard to track earnings
The dashboard to easily track your earnings




What Sort Of Company Is GetGrass? 


GetGrass is an up-and-coming DePIN project, which stands for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks.

DePin projects use blockchain technology and cryptocurrency rewards to build critical physical infrastructure like transportation, energy, and connectivity.

These DePIN networks leverage a combination of digital and real-world services, utilizing tokenization to coordinate and incentivize the development of important infrastructure projects that provide tangible services while running on blockchain in the background.





GetGrass offers a unique opportunity to earn passive income by simply sharing your unused internet bandwidth.

By installing the GetGrass browser extension, you can start accumulating points towards future airdrops while supporting the growth of a decentralized data network – all without any impact on your personal data or online activity.




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What is GetGrass and how does it work?

It is a platform that allows you to earn passive income by sharing your unused internet bandwidth. It works by turning your computer into a node on a decentralized network, where you provide routing, caching, and proxy services to other users.

Is there any cost or risk involved with using GetGrass?

No, there is absolutely no cost to you for using it. It runs entirely in the background without impacting your device’s performance or your personal internet usage. Your data and privacy are also fully protected.

How much can I earn by using GetGrass?

It rewards users with points that can be redeemed for an upcoming airdrop. The amount you can earn will depend on factors like your available bandwidth and the network’s usage. Once its layer2 platform token has been released, you can expect to keep earning this token for providing basic network services through its touch-free browser extension.

Do I need any special technical knowledge to use GetGrass?

Not at all. It is designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up. Simply download the browser extension, and the platform will handle everything automatically in the background.

Is my personal data and online activity safe with GetGrass?

Yes, your data and online activity are completely protected. It does not have access to any of your personal information or browsing history. It only routes anonymous network traffic through your connection.

How can I maximize my earnings with GetGrass?

To maximize your earnings, make sure to keep the its extension running at all times and maintain a stable internet connection. You can also invite friends to join the platform and earn referral rewards.

When can I expect to receive my GetGrass airdrop rewards?

The project is planning to launch its airdrop soon, but the exact timing has not yet been announced. By accumulating points through active participation on the network, you’ll be eligible to claim your share of the airdrop when it becomes available.

Does the browser need to be active at all times?

No, to the contrary. If your browser is active, e.g. when you watch videos on YT or such, it will take a backseat and will not use any of your bandwidth (because you use it for something else). Simply leave your computer and browser on, and it will work in the background without you even noticing it.

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