Monthly Dividend Report (2022/11)

My Monthly Dividend Report for the month of Nov 2022 is rather short. I received dividends from six companies, and made two purchases.
Monthly Dividend Report 2022 11


Monthly Dividend Report – Nov 2022

This month, my dividend income is not that exciting. A rather uneventful month. I collected the following dividends:

Stock Nov 21 Nov 22
🇺🇸 AbbVie $139 $156
🇸🇬 DBS $109 $154
🇺🇸 AT&T $232 $142 after WBD spin-off
🇺🇸 Realty $82 $90
🇺🇸 PG $55 $78
🇺🇸 Deere $17 new position
Total $617 $636 YOY increase of 3%

Monthly Dividend Report – Chart

I started building my All-Weather Portfolio in May 2020. Looking at the dividend history since then, my dividends developed like this:

Monthly Dividend Report Chart 2022 11

Monthly Dividend Report – Calculation

According to my Portfolio Performance, the (free of charge) portfolio management software I am using for years, my November looks like this.

$41,396 US in absolute change (mainly due to price increases).

$549 US received in net dividends, with no sales of any assets:

Monthly Dividend Report Performance Calculation

Monthly Dividend Report – Purchases

I only made two purchases this month:

Stock Qty Invested
🇩🇪 Aroundtown 1750 $3,360 undervalued
🇺🇸Warner Bros 20 $244 undervalued
Total $3,604

I added 1,750 shares of Aroundtown (one of my favorite European REITs) to my existing holding of 3,250 shares.  I now own 5,000 shares in Aroundtown (XTER:AT1).

And I re-invested the dividends I received in my Interactive Brokers account into shares of Warner Bros (WBD), a company I like and reviewed here.

The company’s PB, PE, and PS ratios show that the stock is historically undervalued, and a buy if you give it 2-3 years.

Warner Bros dividend stock PS PB PFCF

With $WBD owning IPs such as Batman, Harry Potter, Superman, Matrix, Aquaman, Game of Thrones, etc., I can be a very patient investor in the world! Check out this page for an overview of $WBD’s business.

Waiting for the market to realize that $WBD is a good company, I look forward to watching many more Batman, Matrix, or Harry Potter movies with my kids.

Monthly Dividend Report – Outlook for December 

According to DivvyDairy, my monthly dividend report for December 2022 will be more interesting. While I received approx. $636 US in form of dividends in November, I will receive $1,869 US.

Monthly Dividend Report Outlook 2022 12

Besides the dividend income from my All-Weather Portfolio described above, I generated about an additional 10,000 USD via other forms of income streams. Click here if you like to see a breakdown.

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