Passive Income Report (2022/05)

In my dividend report for the month of 2022/05, I share all the income I generated, and the trades and new investments I made.
WiseStacker's Dividend report May 2022

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Passive Income & Dividend Report


In May 2022, my dividend report shows a total of approx. 15,000 USD in passive income. 2,984 USD is from my All-Weather Portfolio, consisting of the best dividend machines:

Dividend Stock May 22
BASF $540
Vonovia REIT $408
Allianz $398
Hamborner REIT $382
DHL $364
E.ON $287
AbbVie $146
AT&T $129
DBS $101
Realty REIT $86
PG $55
Total $2.984

Last year, in May 2021, I received 2,717 USD, an increase of roughly 10%. Nice.

Besides the dividend income I receive from my All-Weather Portfolio, I received an additional 12,000 USD from my other passive income streams (check them out here if you like).


Recent Buys.

In the month of May, I bought 75 shares of Cisco ($CSCO) at 39,74 Euro (approx. 42 USD/share).

Cisco Dividend Report Stock Purchase 2022-05


It had dipped quite a bit, and I took advantage of this opportunity.

Cisco Dividend Stock price Chart (2022-05)

The purple markers show the paid-out dividends, the green marker the recent buys.

Anyone else who bought the dip?x

I also reinvested the dividends I received in April to buy 3x shares of Franco Nevada ($FNV). I bought those shares in my Interactive Brokers account, with a low commission of 1 USD per trade. Nice.

Franco Nevada Dividend Report 2022 06


Further, I bought 16 shares of Vonovia ($VNA), one of my favorite European REITs, at 35 Euro (I now own 350x Vonovia shares in total).

I am about to commence acquiring the first shares of John Deere ($DE). I am excited about adding the shares of the world’s largest agricultural equipment manufacturer to my long-term dividend portfolio. I explain my 5 top reasons to buy John Deere in an article you can read here.

Besides listed equities, I just bought 70x Solana ($SOL) at 42,50 USD – adding to my growing position in my Digital Asset Portfolio.


Income From Digital Assets.

Celsius, Nexo, and Hodlnaut performed well and were stable as usual. Terra Luna went belly up. What a disaster. I had about 60,000 USD on the Anchor protocol and owned 2,000 Luna, which were worth approx. 100,000 USD at the beginning of May. It now doesn’t exist anymore, but Terra2 was launched, and I now own 2,250 of those, valued at 8 USD per Luna. A crazy story I cover in detail in this article.

My second full month with Cake DeFi was again very good. See below for the monthly cash flow email I just received today.




Cake Defi earn interest on your crypto report 2022-05


I love Cake DeFi’s clean reporting. Everything is extremely transparent, and each transaction can be tracked on-chain.

Overall an okay to an average month. For the upcoming month of May, I expect significantly more income from my dividend stocks in my All-Weather Portfolio, as May is typically my strongest month. Last year in 2021, I was able to collect 2,870 USD (withholding taxes already deducted) in passive income – let’s see what this month brings!


Portfolio Performance

My All-Weather Portfolio decreased in value from 507,000 USD down to 471,000 USD. Not good. But for the year, compared to various indexes, I am pretty happy with my portfolio’s performance. YTD the Nasdaq is down 22%, the MSCI World approx. 8%, my portfolio roughly 4%. I am of course happy and can live with that!


All Weather Portfolio Dividend Report 2022-05

Overall a pretty shitty month due to the Luna collapse. But thank god I started building a more conservative portfolio in 2020! I am following a barbell strategy, that recommends striking a balance between reward and risk by investing in two extremes of high-risk (digital assets) and low-risk assets (blue-chip dividend compounders) while trying to avoid the mushy middle.

I love it when my different portfolios cross-populate each other. For example, in June, it will be the first time that I’ll take some interest earned from crypto, cash it out, and use these proceeds to buy the AgTech giant John Deere.


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