How To Invest $50000 Right Now

How to invest a bulk sum of $50,000 US? Should you buy tech or growth stocks or dividend stocks? Or digital currencies like Bitcoin, or Gold or Bonds?
how to invest $50000 in dividend stocks


Key Takeaways


✅ How To Invest $50,000 is different for everyone
✅ I keep things simple by following a basic plan
✅ I buy the best dividend stocks, digital assets & gold

✅ I share all the assets I buy


A private company I’ve been a shareholder in since 2009 just paid out a dividend, requiring me to come up with a plan on how to invest $50,000 right now.

As some friends and family members asked me before how I’d invest a certain amount of money, I thought it might be helpful to share what I will specifically plan to do.

I decided to buy the best dividend stocks, digital currencies, and precious metals.


How To Invest $50,000 Right Now?


First off, every investor is in a different situation, and one size surely does not fit all.

Some might have a lot of debt, and some might sit on a lot of cash, so what I am sharing in this post here is not financial advice. I am only sharing what I am doing.


When investing money, we always start with a basic overview. Here’s my current allocation (numbers are rounded for simplicity reasons):


(in ‘000 USD) 2023/06 Allo
Cash $550 12%
All-Weather Portfolio $800 17%
Digital Asset Portfolio $750 16%
Thematic Portfolios $250 5%
Physical Metals $300 6%
Private Equity $1,750 37%
Real Estate $380 8%
Total $4,780 100% 


Overview Of My Current Portfolio Allocation


So my net worth is currently $4,78 Mio US, of which

  • $2,65 Mio US are in liquid (cash, stocks, digital assets, and precious metals), and
  • $2,13 Mio in illiquid assets (shares in private companies and real estate).

Currently, only 17% of my funds are invested in my All-Weather Portfolio, consisting of the best buy-and-hold dividend stocks I can find.


In my specific case, I like to increase my allocation to my dividend stocks, followed by buying some more digital currencies, and precious metals.


My Plan How To Invest $50,000


Here’s what I plan to do (see the info in last column):


(in ‘000 USD) Before Allo After Allo Change
Cash $550 12% $500 10% -50k
All-Weather Portfolio $800 17% $835 17% 35k
Digital Asset Portfolio $750 16% $760 16% 10k
Thematic Portfolios $250 5% $250 5%
Physical Metals $300 6% $305 6% +5k
Private Equity $1,750 37% $1,750 37%
Real Estate $380 8% $380 8%  
Total 4,780 100% 4,780 100%


My Investment Plan

So my plan is pretty straightforward, it goes like this:

  • I will invest 70% or $35,000, into dividend stocks
  • I will buy 20% or $10,000 worth of digital currencies, and,
  • I purchase 10% or $5,000 worth of precious metals.


How I’ll Invest $35,000 In Dividend Stocks 


I will average into some of my existing holdings, that currently present good risk/reward ratios. Specifically, I’ll buy the following:

I will approx. invest $5,000 into each of those over the coming 1-2 months.


How I’ll Invest $10,000 In Digital Currencies 


As for the $10k in digital currencies, I keep it simple and will buy $10,000 US worth of Bitcoin, on my favorite crypto exchange Bitstamp.

No one knows for sure, but my personal gut feeling tells me that Bitcoin and Ethereum will do well in the coming 6-12 months.


How I Will Invest $5,000 In Precious Metals 


I will buy about 2x more 1Oz of Krügerand gold coins (I buy all my gold/silver and platinum via


Buy gold & silver bullion -




This is a rather short post, as I just wanted to simply share my plan for how to invest a bulk amount such as $50,000.

I received the dividend payment earlier in June, hence I already started buying some of the above-mentioned assets.

I’ll share the specific buy orders in next week’s monthly passive income report!




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How to invest 50 000 now?

This depends on each investor’s specific situation. There is no right answer. If you do not have any debt, and enough cash sitting on the side to cover the next six months of living expenses, you can start thinking about investing in stocks, ETFs, bonds, digital currencies, or precious metals. One simple allocation I personally like:
– 60% in the best buy-and-hold-forever dividend stocks
– 5% in digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum
– 5% in physical metals (buy 0.5 or 1Oz American Eagles)

What to invest $50 000 in?

Depending on each investor’s unique situation:
1/ Make sure to become debt-free
2/ Have enough cash ready for six months of living expenses
3/ Only if you have money left, consider investing in the stock market
4/ Consider stocks that will be around in 20-30 years (avoid tech)
5/ Also consider having approx. 5% of your liquid net worth in physical precious metals
6/ If you still have funds available, consider buying up to 5% in digital currencies

Where to invest $50 000 now

This depends on each investor’s geographic allocation. You typically don’t want to be overinvested in your home market. E.g. if you own a property in the U.S., you also work there and get your main income, then you want to consider diversifying and owning assets from other regions such as Europe or Asia.

What are the best ways to invest $50 000?

Every situation is different for each investor. There is “no best way”, yet some general best practices are:
1/ Diversify, both geographically as well as across several asset classes
2/ Only invest what you are willing to lose; valuations vary greatly
3/ dollar-cost-average, meaning only invest ie. a 10th of the total amount over the next 10 months
4/ Have a plan, then trade the plan!
5/ Only invest once you got rid of all bad debt (credit card debt, student loans, etc.)

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