Stock Dividend Report (2022/07)

Let's take a look at the dividend report for the month of July 2022. In total I received dividends from 8 companies and made 13 purchases.
Stock Dividend Report of July 2022

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Stock Dividend Report of July 2022


July was a great month for me financially. As you might know, I own some shares in six different companies. Some of them do well, and pay one to two times dividends per year. As three of those respective companies had a very good 2021, they paid out relatively larger dividends as usual.

Here’s what I received in July:

  • 64,000 USD from a service business #1 (2015)
  • 55,000 USD from manufacturing company #1 (2012)
  • 16,000 USD from manufacturing company #2 (2008)
    135,000 USD in total

Last year, in July 2021, I received 39,000 + 28,000 USD = 66,000 USD, so this year is significantly better.

Besides the dividends from the above-mentioned private companies, I received the following dividends from my All Weather Portfolio:

2021 July 2022 July
Aroundtown 383 USD 498 USD
Store Capital 97 USD 108 USD
Brookfield 56 USD 102 USD
Cisco 53 USD 94 USD
Realty 83 USD 89 USD
Avalon Bay 88 USD 88 USD
PepsiCo 70 USD 75 USD
Mondelez 23 USD 43 USD
Total Dividends Received 853 USD 1,097 USD

When I compare this year’s with last year’s stock dividend report, I see an increase of approx. 29% year-on-year. Nice. And when comparing the accumulated dividends in the year 2020, 2021, and 2022, it looks like this:

Stock Dividend Report 2020 2021 2022


I was quite active and tried to put the money from the dividends I received to good use. Made the following stock purchases this month:

Date Security Shares Quote Total (USD)
July 5 3M (MMM) 2 127 254
July 8 Warner Bros (WBD) 10 14 143
July 8 Allianz (FRA:ALV) 15 182 2,726
July 11 BASF (FRA:BAS) 50 42 2,090
July 11 Vonovia (FRA:VNA) 75 28 2,100
July 11 Aroundtown (XTER:AT1) 750 3 2,271
July 11 Castellum *new (FRA:TEX) 1,000 13 12,704
July 11 BMW *new (FRA:BMW) 180 71 12,705
July 12 Fresenius (FRA:FRE) 100 28 2,762
July 18 Realty ($O) 2 70 140
July 18 Dexus ($ASX:DXS) 400 6 2,512
July 18 Pfizer ($PFE) 50 51 2,550
July 20 Ascendas ($SGX:CY6U) 3,100 1 2,493
July 28 Anheuser ($BUD) 50 52 2,600
Total 48,049


Why did I buy these stocks?

All companies in my All Weather Portfolio are great businesses I intend to be a shareholder forever in, hence the current stock price does not concern me too much. But I enjoy looking at a combination of things before I make a purchase, including

  • the stock’s technical chart pattern,
  • the Gurufocus valuation model,
  • and the Peter Lynch chart.

I like to keep things simple, and maybe spend 5 to max. 10 minutes on choosing which stock to buy.

For example, look at BMW’s (FRA:BMW) Peter Lynch chart: As you can see, the Earning’s Line increased a lot, while the stock price is flat for quite some time.

BMW Peter Lynch Chart on Gurufocus

Below is my stock dividend report from (one of the essential tools I like and use) a lot.


Report of Stock Dividends 2022-07


Other passive income

In the month of July, I earned 2,688 USD in form of passive income from staking and liquidity mining. The three biggest contributors were Hedera, Cake DeFi, and Perion. Read more about how I earn interest on crypto.

I also made 1,405 via cash deposits on HSBC.

You can check out all the passive income (currently approx. 12,000 USD/mo) by clicking here.


Investment plan for August

In August, I plan to make further investments but also like to keep a lot of dry powder. Typically the months of September and October are very volatile, and with all the pandemic, Ukraine war, supply chain interruptions, the European energy crisis, the high inflation, etc., I believe there will be better buying opportunities ahead!

Wishing all of you a great summer month!


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